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Every Cobre student is part of a learning community dedicated to meeting each child's needs through evolving personalized learning experiences and opportunities. We value our rich history of pairing  talented staff with quality tools and resources to support each student's learning and will continue to do so as we move forward in providing a student-centered education at Cobre.

Chromebooks have transformed modern-day classrooms. Instead of writing journal entries in a composition notebook, drawing on chalkboards, or finishing tests and assignments on paper, Chromebooks have unlocked a boundless world of educational tools that students can use. Educators now have access to Google Classroom, G-Suite for Education, Learning apps and much more.

What is 1:1 technology? “The term one-to-one is applied to programs that provide all students in a school, district or state with their own laptop, netbook, tablet computer, or another mobile computing device. One-to-one refers to one computer for every student.”

CCSD's “WEareCOBRE" program is designed to empower Cobre students personalized learning, future ready journey. 

WEareCOBRE expands access to innovative instructional approaches and new learning opportunities, purposefully supported by technology. This includes increased student devices, including a 1:1 student program in grades Kindergarten through twelfth grade. Cobre Technology will be working diligently with our Curriculum Department in creating a group called "Innovation Hubs" providing modern learning spaces for student learning through technology, collaboration and creativity!

This initiative supports the development of key student skills and responsibilities necessary to safely and effectively navigate the digital transformation of today and the highly-skilled, technology driven global world of tomorrow.

We are also empowering each teacher with specially designed professional development to support the facilitation, guidance and personalization of student learning with proven and innovative approaches, many supported by technology, to enhance lessons, projects, problem solving and assignments.

We are excited to partner with our students, parents and guardians on the #WEareEMPOWERED program for each of our students! Your voice is important to us and this program will continue to evolve through student, parent and staff voice!

CLICK HERE to offer your input anytime to help shape the WEareCOBRE initiative.


CLICK HERE  for common student device support troubleshooting options. If these solutions do not resolved your issue, please send an email to [email protected] .

PARENTS always ask "What is 1:1 technology"?

1. Personalized Assignments - Technology helps educators select custom assignments for students who are struggling in the classroom. If a student takes an online test, teachers are able to look at the student’s historical testing data to determine if their test scores have increased or decreased over time. Depending on the results, educators can assign projects and activities accordingly depending on the students’ needs. 

2. Adaptive Learning - All students learn differently. One student might learn more effectively through videos and pictures, another might enjoy reading text preceded by a comprehension test. Regardless of the students’ learning style, educators are able to easily adapt their materials to what the students’ specific needs are through digital apps and tools. 

3. Increased Participation - Using online polls or quizzes gives shy children a chance to participate in activities where they would otherwise not participate. This allows teachers to gauge these students’ competency beyond end-of-course testing.

4. Increased Creative Outlets - There are hundreds of apps students can use to work on projects, study, create presentations, and more. Having these easy-to-use creative outlets gives students more ways to create and learn. 

5. Preparation for the Future - Technology is the future. In order to succeed in both school and work, children will be required to understand how to use digital technology. Incorporating tech into every classroom gives children greater access to tech and helps prepare them for their future endeavors.

6. Equal Learning Opportunities - Technology in the classroom allows students of all abilities to learn, ask questions, and engage in course activities. Students needing special accommodations can still participate in class without being singled out. 

7. Curriculum Experimentation - Experimentation is a part of the curriculum creation process, but with technology, educators are able to see the instant results of their lessons and make changes as needed. 

8. Educator and Student Communication - Educators can communicate with their students through Google Docs, instant messages, emails, and more. These apps assist educators in creating a personalized learning experience. If a student has a question, they can message their teacher for an answer instead of raising their hand in front of the class. This brings teachers and students closer together by giving them a direct and personal interaction point, while also allowing teachers more access to true feelings from their students. 

9. Self-Paced Learning - Students are no longer thrown into the madness of a traditional curriculum but have the ability to learn at their own pace. They have the ability to move quickly through course topics they understand and slow down when complex concepts arise.

10. Access to Knowledge - The years of searching for a call number in the library are over. If a student has a question or needs help, it only takes them seconds to find the answer. Giving students increased access to technology gives them access to more information, which can help them in their learning process. 

Chromebooks are never going to become the be-all-end-all when it comes to education. There will always have to be a student-teacher relationship in order to be successful. We believe that technology is a highly valuable tool that can help both educators and students in the classroom. Technology is meant to be another flexible learning tool that children have the option to use. It gives students more personalized learning experience and can keep them engaged.


Each Chromebook is HP certified and features:

  • Spill-resistant keyboards

  • Fast charging 

  • Advertised all school day battery life

  • One camera for HD video recording

  • K-12 grade Chromebooks will be issued with a protective case to carry and house issued Chromebooks. We encourage students to please not modify or personalize their district issued Chromebook or case in any way.

Students can access CCSD’s learning management and assessment systems, a district email account, productivity suites from Google and Microsoft, and all district approved digital tools.


While Chromebooks are considered in high regards by security experts, content filtering is just as important to support a safe environment while ensuring our students have access to the appropriate learning tools they need. All CCSD student-issued Chromebooks utilize GoGuardian and iBoss on prem & cloud base web filtering. This smart filtering is “always on” regardless of the device internet connection or location and is aligned with filtering in use at CCSD for years to come. In addition, YouTube is provided to ensure access to instructional videos, with "age-restrictions" applied.

All internet history is preserved and can be reviewed anytime by asking your student to:

  1. Open Chrome on their CCSD issued Chromebook.
  2. At the top right, click:  More.
  3. Click History and then History.

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